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Current version: from 09.12.2009

To use the full functionality of PearReview you may need to allow the programm to write in the current directory. PearReview creates a folder 'workspace' to save sessions and aspect catalogs.
Name Version Date Size
PearReview.jar 09.12.2009 1.54 KB
PearReview.dmg 09.12.2009 1.54 KB
PearReview.exe 09.12.2009 1.54 KB
Source code 09.12.2009 1.54 KB


09.12.2009 |
- Reviewer mode added
- File history added
- Critical error by saving review in scribe mode fixed
- XML reader fixed
- PDF-Export improvements (unicode support added)
- iText-Library updated to version 5.0.0
- Abnormal auto save interval fixed
- GUI optimization for Mac OS X
- Small fixes and improvements

04.08.2009 |
- Version checker added
- Icons to tabs added
- Session Export/Import added
- PDF-Export improved and new options added
- Small fixes and improvements
The sessions and settings of older versions are not compatible to the new files since 0.7 version.

xx.xx.2009 |
- Lost in space version

25.07.2009 |
- Fixed crash on startup if workspace directory could not created

24.07.2009 |
- Initial release

To run PearReview you may need to download the current Java version.
You need at least Java 1.6